Liverpool coach explains why Klopp steered ‘well clear’ of certain transfers in summer window

Liverpool made sure to steer “well clear” of any rash transfer decisions during the summer window, says Peter Krawietz, with the Reds adamant that minor tinkering was the way forward.

Liverpool hadspent big bolstering their ranks in recent times, but have been relatively quiet on the recruitment front of late.

Kostas Tsimikas, Thiago Alcantara and Diogo Jota were the only additions made ahead of theirtitle defence in 2020-21, with Krawietz saying the call was made early on not to be drawn into a scramble for unnecessary signatures.

Klopp’s right-hand man told The Athletic: “Our conviction was total. As total as it can be. We knew that there are no guarantees, but we were convinced that the squad’s composition was ideal for the challenges that season posed.

“There were no reasons to make any fundamental changes. Unless you’re totally certain that a new player will move things forward, you’re better off staying well clear. You’re not doing your team and the new guy any favours otherwise.

“We knew that we were very well set up. We had played well and had had success but we did see the potential for development within.

“That’s always the basis for making such decisions. Finances come into it as well, but the decision not to make any changes was informed by us knowing it wasn’t necessary.”

While Liverpool resisted the urge to make any rash transfer decisions over the summer, their hand may be forced in January.

A flurry of untimely injuries at Anfield have left Klopp having to shuffle his pack on a regular basis. Many of the fitness issues he has suffered have come in defence, with the Reds down to the bare bones at centre-half.

Another proven performer may be sought over the winter, but Krawietz’s comments suggest that the Reds will not be rushed into parting with money that they do not want to spend.

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