VAR handball Tottenham vs Man City Premier League 2020-21

Former Republic of Ireland international striker Tony Cascarino claims that VAR is destroying the soul of football.

However, it has been mired in controversy, particularly regarding the handball rule and the interpretation of the offside law, which are widely regarded to have become too precise.

Debates are sparked by its implementation on a weekly basis, with Liverpool’s 1-1 draw with Brighton on Saturday the latest to come into focus because of VAR.

Cascarino, who played with Aston Villa, Chelsea and Marseille during his career, says it is spoiling his love of the game.

“Of course I find it perplexing and difficult to explain,” he told Talksport. “Do I like it? No. Does it put me off football? Absolutely, at times.

“The game is beautiful, but unfortunately you are going to get that.

“I know a lot of my friends, and a lot of people listening to this show, who love football but don’t like the form of football today. They don’t like the product.

“I admire the technique, the physical condition of football is extraordinary, it’s beautiful, and the game is being played by teams who are very attack-minded; I love all of that.

“But the side of football that makes it rotten is this, what we are watching and witnessing now.

“I find we’ve lost the soul of the game at the moment, by the decisions that are being made.

“I say this a lot, but you don’t want to sound old school; but where we are in the game today, compared to yesterday, is a million miles away.”

Cascarino pointed to the penalty that Welbeck was awarded for Brighton.

“Danny Welbeck said it was a very soft penalty, and that is the opposition,” he said.

“If you want to make really stupid cases you could argue Danny Welbeck, as he stretches his leg, puts his foot up. That’s a stupid argument, because you want Danny as a centre-forward to try and get the ball.

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