‘Mature’ Spurs ready to go to the next level under Mourinho, says Dier

Eric Dier Tottenham 2020-21

Tottenham midfielder Eric Dier believes that under Jose Mourinho, the club can finally claim the Premier League title.

With no clear frontrunner for the Premier League title, Dier is hopeful that the Portuguese can mastermind an end to that drought.

“I’d say this team is probably more pragmatic. I think we still possess a lot of the qualities we had during that spell under former coach Mauricio Pochettino, I think we’re all a bit older, a bit more mature, we’ve all seen a bit more, and we’re ready to do different things compared to when you’re younger,” he told Sky Sports.

“I feel like it’s a much more mature team, and the depth of the squad is not something I’ve seen during my time here, we’ve got an incredible depth. The amount of quality we have coming off the bench, and not even in the squad, is incredible.

“That competition is definitely driving things, and I think that’s something in the past we struggled with, not having that competition to drive things. You want to have your own self-motivation, but you can’t deny it’s different when it’s a big squadand everyone is driving each other.

“Mourinho is definitely putting his stamp on the club, on the team and the players individually. He’s definitely implementing the things he wants to see. He wants us to be a representation of himself. Tough is definitely one of the words I’d use to describe him, and this team.”

Having lost the 2018-19 Champions League final to Liverpool, Spurs struggled to react but are now in a better place, Dier says.

“Last season was just a difficult time, even when the new manager came in, it definitely wasn’t easy. It definitely feels like we’re building something new, I feel like the foundations are there, and it’s up to us to make it what we want it to be,” he said.

Source : goal.com