Sergio Aguero Manchester City 2020-21

Pep Guardiola says Manchester City have plenty of time to have “fair talks” with Sergio Aguero over his future and first wantsthe striker to get back to full fitness.

Aguero, who is City’s record all-time goalscorer, played 12 minutes as a substitute in the Champions League victory over Olympiacos on Wednesday.

Guardiola says he is not yet fully fitbut believes he will still make a major impact this season once he has recovered his sharpness.

“He’s going to give us a good moment this season,” the City boss said ahead of Saturday’s Premier League clash with Burnley when asked about contract talks. “He is still not in his best condition – we cannot forget how long he was injured and come back and then injured again.

“In the middle of the season, he’s a guy who needs to be so sharp but the quality to score in the box is always there, always was and always will be. We don’t have doubts about that, but he needs a little bit of time to get in the training sessions and the minutes on the pitch, and after we have seven months ahead.

“He’s a guy who deserves with the club, fair talks to do what is the best for him for the club and for everyone. In that you should not doubt.

“As I said many times, I was lucky to play as a football player and manager with incredible football players. He’s one of these ones, for sure, but especially as a human being. I never found a bigger star like him to be to be like Sergio is.”

Aguero has also been personally been touched by the death of Argentinian Diego Maradona, who was the grandfather of his son Benjamin.

Maradona’s death following a cardiac arrest was announced shortly before the Champions League win over Olympiacos.

Aguero has since paid tribute to his former father-in-law and Guardiola believes he will be ready to play this weekend despite the news.

“It’s difficult for me to talk about his feelings,” the City boss said. “I saw him good and of course the impact on the day of the game against Olympiacos was hard, especially for his son.

“He knew Maradona quite well and he was the grandfather of his son. It’s a sad situation unfortunately for his family but he’s okay. But it’s a question for him it’s difficult for me to answer.”

Guardiola will be keen to have the striker back at his best as soon as possible with City struggling to score with just 10 goals from eight Premier League matches compared 27 at the same time last season, but the Catalan expects the goals to come with City creating plenty of chances, including 22 shots in the 1-0 victory over the Greek champions.

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