Anyone who has played a FIFA game in recent years probably has gotten to grips with the basic controls by now, but even long-term fans of the game might not know every single move in FIFA 21.

People who move over to FIFA 21 from Pro Evolution Soccer might also take a while to get to grips with the controls, but you can change the button assignments from “Classic” to “Alternate” in the settings to make the shoot button the same on both games.

If you have a PlayStation or Xbox controller, you can use this to play FIFA 21 on PC and the controls will be the same as on the console.

To use your PlayStation controller on PC, you will need to install a small program called DS4Windows, while all you need to do to use your Xbox controller is to plug it into your PC USB port and it will install automatically.

FIFA 21 uses the same movement controls as previous versions but has added Agile Dribbling as one of the main gameplay improvements from last season.

Player Lock and new player run options have been added in FIFA 21, giving you greater control over your team-mates when in possession.

Defending has not really changed in FIFA 21, but thenew Natural Collisions improvements mean that defensive controls are more responsive this year, with a well-timed standing tackle more effective in this year’s game.

Most people use automatic goalkeeping and let the AI control the goalkeeper, but you can switch to the goalkeeper using the touchpad to allow you to pull off saves and charge at the ball.

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