Arsene Wenger says that a potential European Super League would “destroy” the Premier League, but the formerArsenal manager believes that it could become a reality ifEnglish football’s biggest clubs to agree to it.

Although the idea of a mega-competition is not a new one, talks gainedtraction in recent weeks after aSky report stated thata£4.6 billion ($6bn) package is being put together from Wall Street bank JP Morgan to see the creation of a European Premier League.

The competition, which wouldreportedly kick off in 2022 andfeature either 16 or 18 teams, would see clubs play a minimum of 30 matches over the course of a season.

Liverpool,Manchester United,Arsenal,Chelsea,Manchester CityandTottenham are said to have been approached, with some of the world’s biggest clubs expected to join.

The news comes in the wake of a recent discussion surrounding the Premier League’s top clubs, Project Big Picture, which would have seen the biggest English teams seize more power.

But those talks died down following pubic outcry, and Wenger hopes that the European Super League fails to come to fruition as well as the former Arsenal boss believes it could spell the death of the Premier League.

“I don’t believe that Europe is ready for that,” he told the Guardian. “The period is actually that the Premier Leaguehas a superiority. The projectwanted to reinforce this superiority.

“The other leagues tried to destroy the advantage the Premier League has. For them, the best way to tame that is to create a European League. That means to destroy the Premier League basically.

“If they get the agreement from the English big clubs, then it will happen.”

Wenger added that he believes there are footballing reasons to want a new league, which would see the best teams in the world face off regularly.

However, he says that, like most things, the real reason behind these talks is money, as club owners are looking to continue to find new ways to profit.

“It is football as well but we are in the period of owners or investors. For investors, their first target is to make money,” he said.

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