The Football Supporters’ Association has hit out at reports of a renewed push for a European Premier League, saying that fans “detest” the idea.

Liverpool and Manchester United are said to be two of the teams backing the competition, which could start as early as 2022.

In a statement on Twitter, the FSA said of the plan: “Seriously, if you’re a club owner or football financier who thinks a global health crisis is the perfect opportunity to rip up and reshape football to suit billionaires… you have no idea how much fans detest your concept. It will not go how you think.”

The FSA also released a statement on their website fromchief executive Kevin Miles.

“The latest reports of plots, allegedly involving Manchester United and Liverpool, to create a European Super League, expose the myth that billionaire owners care about the English football pyramid, or indeed anything other than their own greed,” Miles said.

“This has to be the last nail in the coffin of the idea that football can be relied upon to regulate itself: these billionaire owners are out of control. Football in all its forms in the UK, from grassroots to the top tier, occupies far too important a place in our society, our culture and our communities to be jeopardised by an even greater concentration of wealth in the hands of half a dozen big clubs.

“Decisive action is now needed to protect the game we love. We have already been promised by government a fan-led review of the governance and regulation of football: that process needs to start as a matter of urgency before the super-rich custodians of the biggest clubs can do any more damage.”

The news of the European Premier Leagueplanfollows thecollapse of Project Big Picture, a plan to reshape the English game that was rejected by the Premier League and FA last week.

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