Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp has revealed he sent his playersa long text message the morning after their 7-2 defeat against Aston Villa.

After a tough night dwelling on the result and unable to talk directly to his players, the Reds boss decided to send them all a text message relaying his thoughts and feelings.

Klopp believes that by addressing the situation straight away, Liverpool can now move on and prepare for an upcoming clash against Everton.

“The night after the game was not the best night of my life but I got up in the morning and I knew I had to speak to my boys but they were not here,” Klopp told BBC Sport.

“So I texted them a long, long message which was pretty much my thoughts about the things which had happened and after that I felt much better because then it was out and from that moment we could carry on and that’s what we did.

“Now we are here and we have had enough time to deal with it. Losing a game is the exact opposite of what you want, losing it 7-2 makes it of course worse but sometimes we have to show that it can be useful.

“We have the chance to show that on Saturday lunchtime against Everton so that makes it really interesting because we face a team who is flying obviously and we got a proper knock. So now let’s see who deals better with what.”

The Toffees are currently top of the Premier League after winning all four of their league games so far this season.

Klopp isn’t surprised to see Everton performing so well under manager Carlo Ancelotti – a man he has plenty of respect for.

“Top team, top manager. What I think about Carlo Ancelotti was never a secret,” Klopp toldPremier League Productions. “I couldn’t respect him more as a person and as a coach. He’s a wonderful human being, to be honest.

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