‘I realized scoring goals wasn’t the most important thing’ – Wolves star Jimenez reveals the advice that ignited his career

Raul Jimenez Wolves 2020-21

Wolves and Mexico star Raul Jimenez says that his career turned around when he realized that scoring goals was not the most important part of being a striker.

He struggled to adjust in Spain, scoring just one goal in 21 appearances before heading to Benfica.

It was at the Portuguese club that he rediscovered his form, firing 31 goals in 120 games and catching the eye of Wolves in the process.

Having emerged as one of the Premier League’s best goalscorers in recent years, Jimenez credits a lesson learned during those low moments with helping him truly discover his role on the field.

“One day I realized that the most important thing was not scoring goals,” Jimenez told Goal. “I learned that the most valuable thing was playing as a team.”

Jimenez also reflected on a bit of advice from his mother, Martha Rodriguez, which helped him emerge from those Atletico Madrid struggles.

“It’s something my mom taught me,” he said.”Despite making a mistake or failing on occasion, you always have to know that another opportunity will come later.Being good off the field also makes you feel good on the field.

“Now I have a very solid life off the field with my daughter and girlfriend, and that fills me with pride: knowing that they are out there supporting me so that I can continue to give my best.”

Jimenez’s father,Raul Jimenez Vega, has also been a driving figure in his son’s career, with the elder Jimenez saying that his son gravitated towards the game very quickly.

“At six months, he was crawling instead of using his toyslike every child of that time,” he said while revealing a photo of his son in a Jorge Campos shirt. “I purposely passed him a ball and he left everything. He grabbed it and from there it was a non-stop with football.

“I took him to my games and he enjoyed it. One day he said: ‘Dad, I want to be a footballer’.”

Jimenez is currently sidelined as hesteps up his recovery from surgery on a fractured skull.

The Mexican star suffered the injuryduring Wolves’ 2-1 victory overArsenalat Emirates Stadium on November 29. and Jimenez hasvowed to be “back soon” from the horrific head injury.

Source : goal.com