It’s an agonising decision, isn’t it? The newest edition of FIFA is out and you’re setting up your Ultimate Team, but you need a club name.

You might not know your online opponents, but your FUT team name is how you show them you mean business early doors. You know your football and your clever wordplay shows you’ve got a quick mind and aren’t to be trifled with on the virtual pitch.

Some players prefer to go down the overconfident trolling route, but let’s be honest – when you’re being outplayed, 5-0 down at half-time and your own team name pops up as ‘U Mad?’ every time the scoreboard flashes up, the joke is firmly on you.

But coming up with the right pun on your favourite team or player can be a lot of pressure. Sometimes your mind just goes blank.

Luckily, Goal is here to give you some inspiration with our pick of the best 50 names for your FIFA Ultimate Team club.

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