FIFA 21 has now been released and players have set about getting used to new features, tweaks and additions to gameplay.

Goal has all you need to know about the different commentary options on FIFA 21.

This year has seen a huge change in the commentary positions. Martin Tyler and Alan Smith, for many years the default English-language commentators, are not on FIFA 21.

Derek Rae and Lee Dixon are the only English-language commentary team available on FIFA 21, with Alan McInally providing updates in some game modes.

Rae and Dixon first appeared on FIFA 19, providing commentary for Champions League and Europa League matches on Kick-Off and Career Mode. They fulfilled the same role in FIFA 20 and have now become the regular commentators for all game modes.

That means players will no longer have the option to change commentary team in the Settings menu.

Of course, FIFA is one of the world’s most popular video game series, so it isn’t just available in English.

FIFA 21 is playable in the following languages, with region-specific commentary options: English, French, Spanish (South America), Spanish (Spain), Portuguese, Arabic, Japanese, Chinese (Simplified), Chinese (Traditional), Dutch, Norwegian, Polish, Swedish, Russian, Danish, Czech.

Most commentary teams are unchanged from FIFA 20 but one of the biggest changes is in the Spanish team. Nira Juanra, a presenter and reporter for Gol Television, is the first ever female commentator to feature in FIFA.

Some players have been frustrated that not all languages are available as standard. Only English, French and Spanish (South America) are available in all locations, with other languages region-locked by the location of purchase.

Community Manager ‘EA-Cade’ explained on theEA forum: “FIFA 21 uses the location where the game was purchased to determine available commentary languages.”

For example: “If you purchased the game in Portugal you would have Portuguese commentary as an available option, if you purchased the game in Sweden for example you would not have Portuguese as an available option.

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