Serge Gnabry’s star has visibly risen across Europe, his prolific contributions for Bayern Munich and Germany turning him intoa prized asset.

Gnabry’s famous spaghetti goal celebration was inspired by one of his heroes, NBA athlete James Harden, who originated the move.

The Houston Rockets star is known for putting his hands together and making a swirling motion with his hands to celebrate his shots. Gnabry is a huge basketball fan, and is adedicated watcher of the NBA – and Harden in particular.

“There’s a video on YouTube where he’s cooking after dropping, I think, a buzzer-beater and won the game,”Gnabrysaid about his trademark celebration.

“So he was cooking, stirring it up, and that’s the celebration.”

As for Harden, he has never explained the meaning about his gesture, but his cooking celebration is construed as a reference to ‘cooking’ the opposition defenders in the hopes of heating up the play. It’s a gesture designed to taunt the opposition players, which is common across all sport – making the game all the more enticing to fans and other players alike.

And so after watching Harden celebrate in such a manner, he wanted to emulate the move for football – highlighting the similarity of their roles in the team.

“I think you can relate the celebration to him having a buzzer-beater or winning the game to us, as in football we don’t score as many points as they do in basketball,” Gnabry said.

“So I think there’s a resemblance and he’s a very good offensive player, I’m an offensive player so, I think so too.”

The two athletes were able to do their cooking celebration in person when the pair met in the United States during Bayern’s 2019 Audi summer pre-season tour, off the backs of a friendly fixture against Real Madrid.

To Gnabry’s delight, Harding visited the team after the game and they performed the iconic celebration together in sync.

“After the game, I finally met James Harden for the first time when he came into our dressing room,” Gnabry wrote inhis USA diary titled, ‘What’s up, Serge?’.

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