Vardy drinks pints and only eats pizza the night before a game, says ex-Leicester defender De Laet

Jamie Vardy Leicester

Jamie Vardy’s goalscoring escapades are fuelled by pizza, pints and port, according to his former Leicester team-mate Ritchie De Laet.

According to De Laet, his pre-match fuel is far from the chicken and rice staple one might expect from a top-level athlete but, with more than 200 career goals to his name, it seems to work for him.

Now playing for Royal Antwerp, De Laet told Belgian outlet Het Nieuwsblad: “The night before a game, Jamie drinks pints and only eats pizza.

“For example, when he beat Ruud Van Nistelrooy’s record by scoring in 11 consecutive games; the night before, the bus driver bought us a bottle of port. We hid it in our hotel room.

“I had a glass, and Jamie made sure to finish the rest of the bottle”.

Vardy revealed his caffeine-laced matchday diet in an interview with Men’s Health.

“With a traditional 3pm Saturday kick-off, I’ll have a can of Red Bull as soon as I wake up, which is gone in 30 seconds,” he said.

“I don’t have breakfast and won’t eat anything until I have a cheese and ham omelette with baked beans at 11.30am. I wash that down with another Red Bull, which I also neck quickly.

“We get into the dressing room an hour and a half before kick-off, and I’ll have a third can of Red Bull straight away.”

More bizarre than Vardy’s pizza and pints was the behaviour of former Leicester defender Marcin Wasilewski, which De Laet recalled with bemusement.

“Marcin was really a very nice person. Unusual, but nice. The kind of guy you laugh with, but who does weird stuff,” he said.

“I remember going to eat with him in a very fancy restaurant. All of a sudden, he grabs his glass and literally bites into it, without flinching. He had pieces of glass all over the place, looks at me, and starts laughing. I didn’t understand it at all. “

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