‘We were absolutely sh*te’ – Bruce launches attack on Newcastle players in wake of loss to Sheffield United

Steve Bruce

Steve Bruce has launched a blistering attack on his players, saying Newcastle were “frigging hopeless the other night; we were absolutely sh*te” in the loss to Sheffield United.

Sheffield United had not won a game in the Premier League prior to beating Newcastle 1-0 courtesy of Billy Sharp’s 73rd-minute penalty.

Up next for Newcastle is a trip to Arsenal on Monday, but Bruce’s focus was still on the loss to the Blades and he made his feelings abundantly clear on the team’s performance.

“We were absolutely frigging hopeless the other night; we were absolutely sh*te,” The Guardian quoted Bruce as saying. “Unfortunately that’s happened a little too often in my 18 months here; it was nowhere near good enough for the challenge ahead. Maybe it’s a mentality thing.

“We’ve thrown that hand grenade in too often and that’s what we have to erase. It’s the disappointing thing I’m going to have to improve.”

It is believed that Bruce has a desire to use a back four, but the players are happier with the five-man defence used so well by previous boss Rafa Benitez.

It appears that Bruce, who said that he would not quit , will make changes in the near future to play the way he wants.

“The gloves are off now and we will do it my way,” Bruce said. “It (changing to a back four) is something I’ve toyed with since I’ve been at the club

“We’ve played a certain way in the past to try to make sure we get the results we need. I’ve let them be comfortable. But, like I say, the gloves are off now. I’m going to do things the way I see fit. We’ll do it my way.”

Source : goal.com