Betting Basics: What is a shot on target and how many are there per game?

Mohamed Salah Liverpool Bournemouth 2019-20

Shots on target is quickly becoming one of the most popular betting markets, with punters able to bet on individual players and teams as a whole.

However, there is still generally a lot of confusion of what is officially counted as a shot on target.

Per the rules of bet365, a shot on target is defined as an intentional shot that goes into the net, or would have gone into the net if not for being stopped by the goalkeeper or the last defender.

Shots that hit either the post or the crossbar do not count as a shot on target, unless they meet the above criteria.

A shot that is blocked by any defender that is not the last man also does not count, generally because it is difficult or impossible to tell if a shot would still be on target when it would have reached the net.

Shots taken in an offside situation can sometimes count, but only if the attempt does not go in and the referee decides to play advantage instead of awarding a free kick to the opposition.

Another source of confusion comes from corners. If a player takes a corner and the ball goes directly into the goal without any other player touching it, that is deemed to be a shot on target, but if the ball is going in and the goalkeeper saves it, it is not considered to be a shot on target.

A Premier League game in the 2019-20 season averaged 8.5 shots on target, although the number is of course dependant on which teams are playing.

Leicester City’s famous 9-0 drubbing of Southampton in October 2019 featured an incredible 18 shots on target, whilst Bournemouth and Burnley could muster only one between them when they met in December later that year.

Using the 2019-20 Premier League season as an example again, Mohamed Salah of Liverpool had the most shots on target with 59 across his 34 appearances.

He was some way ahead of Gabriel Jesus in second place, who managed 48, with Raul Jimenez and Marcus Rashford both clocking in at 44.

Salah also led the way in terms of shots on target per game, with 1.74 way in front of Rashford at 1.42 and Jesus at 1.41.

Odds correct at the time of writing. Please gamble responsibly.

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